Monday, July 29, 2013

Old Map Banner

I love banners.
They're pretty easy to make.
They just don't sell well here.
So when I *FINALLY* sold one from my booth,
it was a pleasure to make a replacement!
I dug out an old atlas &
got creative!
It appears that I was in a hurry when I hung it at my craft booth!
It's not centered at all!
Keep in mind it's hard to hang this stuff by yourself!

If you try & make one of these,
remember to use various states/countries or pages.
The mix of blue, yellow, pink & green is very appealing.
Then sew them in a row so the colors are spaced &
you don't end up with all one color in a clump!
Did you notice my mail organizer?
I found this old metal one at a garage sale.
The vintage appeal called to me.
Plus you may know I'm a sucker for decals,
even if they are funny poodles!

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