Friday, February 15, 2013

Forgotten Secret

It took me a while to find a suitable dresser for my first big "redo".
$20, no fancy spindles
just a basic, operational old dresser
it came with the rusty casters and one glass knob inside
and a remnant of it's past life on the front
also inside..
a wallpaper tag
 "LOCAL" tag
and wedged in the very back was a cool bottle opener
Next we have my amateur refinishing process...

Instead of playing it safe with a neutral, I chose MEGA color.
It's called Forgotten Secret.

Drab to Fab, right?
I spent some time sifting through Pintrest paint designs.
The drawers were done using a adhesive vinyl stencil from my Cricut.
I spray painted the white for a perfect even coat.
Blue tape made a perfect with for keeping my design square & spaced right on all the drawers
I bought some new hardware for it.
Some required large washers to keep the screws from pulling through the wood.
I completed this project last summer,
as you can tell from the photographs.
Thanks for looking.
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  1. It turned out beautiful!!!
    First time? Great job!

  2. Brave, beautiful color. Love the stencil design. Great job!

  3. very nice jane!! did you put it in your house?