Friday, February 1, 2013

Chair Back

Who buys REALLY old wabblie chairs for $3???
I guess that would be me!
When I finally came to terms with the fact that
 it was NOT suitable for sitting on, it came apart.
I dismantled it carefully,
 hoping someday an crafty idea would strike me.
This long boring winter forced me to tackle the "chair back" project.
The chair was missing it's decorative corner knobs.
I added some rustic glass ones.
The Tim Holtz brand scrapbooking word band seemed to be THEE perfect phrase!
I filled the words in with white acrylic paint, so it would be easier to read.
Vintage thumb tacks hold it on.
The wings are also Tim Holtz embellishments.
The "Z" sewing table key is an authentic old piece.
The gems are from Maya Road.
A little sparkle was needed on the chair,
since it's all pretty rustic otherwise.
I bent wire to hang each one & screwed in eye hooks.
The shelf can hold a few smaller items.
A photograph can be clipped on the spindle for a personalized display.
I'm really excited to see if this creation sells in my craft booth
at the coffee shop.  Whoever buys it gets a true "one of a kind" shelf!
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1 comment:

  1. It turned out wonderful! Old chairs have the funnest parts to work with, don't they? I hope yours sells fast!