Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Okay folks.
What is it?
thrift store
I discussed it at the counter with the owner.
He elaborated explained it's great qualities
and obvious structure.
He didn't know either.
Our best guess is a bird feeder or lamp.
I can now show you what it has become!
I gave it a pedestal, using some E6000 adhesive
and an old malt glass (turned upside down).
It fit just perfectly into an indent in the bottom,
so centering it was spot on!
I finally broke out the Maya Road brand gems
that were hoarded in my trinket bin.
They gave the cage a regal touch.
The glass on top & bottom visually balanced the project out.
The birds were spray painted with a little texture.
They look pretty sweet all nestled
into their bed of boughs.
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