Friday, September 7, 2012

Window Art

I hoard windows.  The shed was pleasantly stocked, then an offer of free ones came up.   Now the little shed is officially BUSTING with windows.  That will have to be what kind of crafts I sell this winter!  I've started a window board on Pintrest to help inspire me.  Take a peak for ideas, if this interests you.

All Free! (thanks Heidi)

Long ago, I painted flowers on one for my mother-in-law and a horse on one for her relative.  Then there is my Halloween theme creation at my paper craft blog: spooky

A person can do chalk paint, cork, chicken wire, stencils,  or add vinyl.  Multiple panes are the most fun, in my opinion.  It also seems that smaller windows are more charming.  A big window will need a BIG space in your home.  They get a bit heavy to hang.  I always like the look of them leaning against a wall on a dress or buffet. They can also be set in a scene on the floor of your porch by the door.

 Here is the most recent one I've done.  It was a masculine design.  I'm excited that is sold from my craft booth in only two days!  woo hoo, someone likes my creations!!!


The glass in the middle section is reflecting my deck boards.  This was so hard to photograph! 

I used brown, red & white adhesive vinyl cut on my Cricut machine.  These images are from the Indie Arts cartridge.  Aren't they rad?

The chicken wire was added to a pane that had a board in it.  The bottom glass pane was covered with corregated cardboard. The wood frame was distressed with small amounts of paint streaks and some edge sanding.

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  1. Great idea! So glad it sold so quickly for you. Can't wait to see what else you come up with. When I told Brad that you took the windows from grandpas he said "Did you tell her we have 2 in our garage she can have?" Ha, ha, because of course mine have been sitting there since June.

  2. Windows are great art platforms. You can pretty much do everything with it. Painting or attaching things to them will make them a good accent to your home. Best of all, windows like these get your creative juices flowing. These are actually pretty pieces, Jane.

    -Marla Hinds