Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Top Shelf

A new watering can was added to my small collection last month.  It called my name & for $22 I couldn't resist.  The significant spout made this one stand out.  It seemed like a good deal.

Here is a look at the top shelf of my massive book shelf daddy made (long ago).  It was fun incorporating some random numbers and the color red!

I like this set up a lot better than the mish-mash I had before.  The color repetition seems to tie it all together.  How cute is my new enamelware tea pot for a few bucks at a garage sale?
I paid more for the print of our family portrait in sepia.  It was so worth it to know it'd always go with the surroundings! 

The new can stands proudly in the back sporting some faux geraniums.  I was thrilled to find out the large can actually fit on top of the bookshelf! 

Thanks to my friend's influence, I know love numbers & letters for no apparent reason!  Random is in!  So far no one has asked what they stand for. 

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  1. Love this vignette...thanks for sharing it at my party.