Friday, August 10, 2012

GRAND Grand Rapids

The Grand Rapids (MN) Swap meet in late July was just that:


  I blew a wad of cash faster than you can say "Bob's your uncle".
 My friend, a newbie to the event, was simply overwhelmed with how big it was. 
But she held up to like a champ & we covered every inch and closed the place down!
Most notable item?
Cooler caddy!

Speaking of coolers, we oogled over this old Pepsi one.

Cute, huh?  $23 seemed fair, but we weren't done looking yet!

Signs, signs, signs...

Priced so high :-(

Love pretty glass?

I did leave with an $8 set of pink Oyster Pearl candle holders!

The green Horseshoe #612 that I collect is so hard to find.
Someday I'll stumble on the $1000 butter dish for $10,
at least that's my plan! Hey, I can dream!

On the other end of the spectrum,
toy trucks

I guess having two sons makes me notice these more
did you spot the stack of enamelware?!

So much to see, your brain hurts (in a good way)

Tins, baskets, boxes, utensils, tables, pots....

Are you wondering what I got?

 watering can
large funnel
pickle jar
wash boards
sewing drawer
and much more!

Most unique?

Regina music box record
I had to look this up & found a Youtube video!
Now I want a player too!
The engineering of this baffles me!

Most rusty?

The wagon!

I made quite a scene leaving the sale with my high pitched squeaking!
It was worth the embarrassment.

These?  Not just for pickles.
I'm thinking croquet balls & thread spools!

More cameras....FEED the addiction!

My friend & I used our pooled purchases to deal down on prices.
This was a fun strategy!
She scored an old typewriter for $20.
There will be some awesome typewriter key jewelry as a result.


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