Sunday, March 11, 2012

Water Beads

Water Beads

water beads

My mommy bought me the most unique gift for my birthday.  It's a home decor item called Water Beads.  Florist use them & they the most peculiar invention!  You soak the beads in water & they swell up.  My son calls them eyeballs.  My mom said down in Florida, they mostly have bamboo shoots in them.

water gel beads for floral arrangements

Visit Water Beads Design and linger on the home page for a small slide show of ideas.

Here is what I made at home, a poor man's bouquet ($15).  I did make good use of the arrangement for church movie night & Sunday service.

just a hint of color in the water

soaked for 12 hours

no water

I hope this helps you understand Water Beads.  If you're big into flowers, you might want to try this product.  I'm no expert & don't know if there are good/bad quality beads.  The prices online seem to differ greatly.  You can always ask your local florist what she uses & likes.  They would possibly even sell you some.

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