Friday, March 16, 2012

Smothered In Ivy

I pondered what to do with the old Singer sewing machine for a while.  It's a heavy, odd piece.  It's still a little early to add decor to my brown spring garden.  Instead, I created a scene in my bathroom using my beloved ivy plant.

The old suitcase helps cover the beat up top of my old (free) buffet!
I made the banner using some stamps & vintage ribbon.
(I'm not sure how the pennants turned out looking like teeth!)

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  1. You had me at ivy! LOL I love the display, very unique and fabulous way to give the old singer new life. Thanks so much for linking with us!
    How DO you keep your ivy so gorgeous?

  2. Hello fellow Minnesotan!
    Somehow I found your blog and I follow MN bloggers! We need to stick together! Very cool vignette in your bathroom. You must have a huge bathroom. Mine is tiny and no room for something like your pieces. Very Cool!