Monday, January 4, 2016

Painted Drop Side Table

Check out this old dark table...


I spent a few hours sanding the 
extra glossy finish off this functional piece.

My inspiration for this table came
from the Special Issue 2015
Country Sampler's Christmas.
There is a cherry red drop side table
with ivory legs in that magazine.

After consulting my sister 
and mother about the magazine 
table idea, I took the plunge on this 
unique bold paint job.

I started this project by painting the legs.
While it was upside down I did the 
bottoms of each drop side, 
since they will show when down
from certain perspectives.

Then I had to completely cover the legs
so no dark paint would splatter down 
on my crisp ivory paint.

I was also careful to protect all my cupboards
from that strong pigment red paint.


I love this type of table.
It would come in so handy for holiday
meals, card games and tea time!

The striped pattern is similar
to the old grain sacks.
It's a fun blend of modern & vintage.
Don't you think?

I prefer to use flat Valspar paint.
This color is called Rushing Red.
I had to go back with a swath
of painted cardboard & match
it to the proper sample.
Mystery solved.

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  1. Jane,
    love the colors on your table! The stripe is the perfect addition, it all looks lovely!

  2. Your table looks so much better. I'm familiar with the Valspar reds with paint projects, it kind of looks like Spanish Tile to me.