Friday, February 27, 2015

Upcycled Envelopes & Book Pages

I recently purchased 
a huge lot of  vintage used envelopes!
These bundled beauties were
crying out to be used and adored.

There are over 200 of them total!
They came in bundles of 12 -24.
The dates are 1900-1930's!

A printing company kept a good record of
 all of the payments and inquires received!

I plan to resell some,
 put a few in my
and upcycle some in crafts!

Here is are the first few 
greeting cards I've designed, 
using the ephemera....

Keep checking my blog for more projects 
with these envelopes.
  Now, on to the next upcycled cards!

Here in the Midwest, it seems that most
men (and women) love to fish. 
 So I found it very appropriate to make 
a few greeting cards using some
 darling images from vintage book pages.  

I'll be stashing away 
a similar card for my
 hubby & also one for the
Father's Day will be
here before we know it!

All of the cards shown
 are now available in
my Etsy shop!

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