Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Do you know that intriguing word...

It means "paper items that were originally
meant to be discarded after use, but have 
since become collectible".

Most of these things fascinate me.
You might also adore tickets,
handwritten letters, greeting cards,
ledgers, envelops and more!

I've been making new greeting cards out 
of  this & that.  Many times, I'll buy 
old books that are in shambles.
That statue image was rescued from a 
dilapidated book.  It had many
great images, all black & white.

The score card was so cute,
especially having been used!
That darling bike silhouette is

This next card uses old dictionary pages
that have been cut into flower shapes!

I love all the vintage looking stamps 
available today.  How cute is that pen?

There are many more projects like
this to share.  But for those that aren't 
paper crafters, I'll try & keep my posts
a blend of various junk topics.
All comments are appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by!

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