Sunday, August 3, 2014

Free Records

It's just like me to stop at the local storage building
and inspect a pile of free items!
Who wouldn't take two boxes of
free vinyl records?
I know!
Over 160, but who's counting?
(never mind the fact that we've been tripping
over them in my entry way for 2 weeks)



I tried a few "record bowl" crafts,
and boy are they fun & easy!

I turn my oven on about 200 degrees & heat
them for 10 minutes.  Sometimes pulling them out
half way through to manipulate the edges into even
ripples.  You can do this carefully with quick hands
and not get burned.  The record is set on a cookie sheet,
with a small glass upside down bowl underneath.
  Once the edges start to drop, I pull it out and try to
 form them & heat again.

Some brands are too thick to melt.
I've has some just bubble at the edges.
A few just won't bend.
But the ones that do are easy 10 minute projects.
Pull them out of the oven & leave it cool.
They self harden & are cute to boot!
My son will have one in his room for all
the guitar picks. They'd work for house keys.
Don't put food inside, unless it's wrapped.

The free box also included this darling album....

Yes free!
What a wasteful nation we live in.

This album might end up on Etsy.
Time will tell, I'm still oogling over it.
What's YOUR best free item from this summer????
Leave me a comment!
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