Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Junk Trunk

We've all got some junk to put in a trunk!
I gave this very ugly thrift store trunk
 a proper make-over.
Does anyone know what on earth the design is?
Well it's history now!
Here is the new improved rustic trunk
*gypsy style*
It was painted with a flat black called
Forged Iron, then sanded.
I added some dry brush streaking
and dabs in both white & pink.
All the stenciled images & designs
were made using my Cricut machine.


What would YOU store in here?

Books, old quilts, keepsakes.. you name it!

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  1. Hi--so nice to meet you. I'm stopping by via the Lavender Garden Cottage party. Nice work on your trunk :) I think I'd put blankets in it, or maybe my kids stuffed animals that they can't seem to part with! Hope you have a great week-end, Diana

  2. PS I just became your latest follower:)