Monday, January 6, 2014

Calendar Pole

It's a new year.  Using some of my vintage
odds & ends, I made mini calendar poles.
How fun to a have a unique piece like this
on your desk or in your creative work area?

You would rip off the month as it passes. When the year
ends, add your own photograph or other item to display
by simply punching a hole in it and taking out that one
screw to attach it with!

It's obvious the pole is a croquet mallet handle.
The base is chippy old blue house siding .
I chose NOT to match the colors, for an
eclectic style & noticeably repurposed look!
The metal star is an candle holder that I pounded flat.
 The paper calendars are printed
from the Maya Road Pinterest post.
You can find it under my "printables" board.
 Please follow me! Jane Oetterer

The knob "finales" were from a lot I purchased off
Ebay.  The were all mismatched & oddly sized,
so I've been using them up singularly instead of
on furniture.  They add that touch of beauty to this
otherwise grungy creation!
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  1. How cute -- and very creative. No, I didn't assume you used a croquet handle because I thought you painted the stripes. I kept looking at it, wondering how you did the star, then I read that you pounded a metal candle holder. I'm impressed. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  2. Jane! This is project is so fun. I love it, thank you for sharing at Redoux. I am featuring at my party that starts this afternoon. Happy New Year! -Karen