Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Etsy Items

Well, my Etsy endeavours have been slow to start but still enough to keep me listing!
I sent an 8 ball to Hawaii last week!  Before that my sales included a
toy horse, bar soap holder & paper lanterns.  I'm at 12 sales and anxious for more!
Here is what's new in the MinnesotaJunker shop:



Don't forget that Etsy is my GO-TO place for any
unusual, homemade or hard to find item.
They have adorable gifts too, if you like to impress people.
Some would make you the talk of the next baby shower or
the most thoughtful relative!
Aren't these all great?  Esty offers boundless items & ideas too
 If you have an old grain sack, search that
and narrow it down to handmade.
You'll end up with some lovely possibilities!

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