Friday, June 21, 2013


Summer is here & it's time for some hardcore junkin'.
I've been having good luck at garage sales & thrifting.
Recently at a flea market, I scored this old Army Chest:
It's complete with nicely worn edges, authentic markings,
tattered rope handles & in very good shape!
The only flaw is a little white paint splatter
on the front.
I also picked up this super cute half table:
It gave me a chance to try out the Daddy Van's
natural furniture polish from my mom.
The left shows the new glow, and the right half
is the dull worn lifeless wood:
I am LOVING this polish!
Next up...
I'll never pass up an old typewriter at the right price!
This one was a STEAL!
Just look at those fabulous keys!
These keys are invaluable to jewelry makers.
The smooth lines and retro pull handles
of this old desk dresser stole my heart!
As with many purchases...
I want to keep it.
My husband won't allow that.
Isn't it dreamy though???
I took Daddy Van's to this as well:
Can you see the shine???
I'm going to have to use my amateur
wood crafting skills to replace that missing
board on the inside bottom.
Oh, you almost didn't notice?
Happy thrifting this weekend!
~Minnesota Junker
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  1. i want that typewriter! if you are selling it in the shop save it for me....please!

    1. It's already in my booth, but if it's still there next time I go up...I'll grab it. When will I see you...August 19?

  2. Oooo! I've been looking for a half table for the hall. Lucky find!