Saturday, March 30, 2013

Suitcase Quick Fix

Do you ever buy something,
only to get it home & find a flaw?
I do, especially when excited just to have
found a vintage item on my wish list.
The bottom suitcase, shown here,
was thought to have been ruined
by a tacky content label written with a Sharpie.
Tragic, right?
Not to worry.
I have a solution!
Just search "luggage sticker" and you'll have
more options than you could ever need!
It cost me $5 after shipping for the sticker,
but made my suitcase worthy to display!
I recommend buying an extra label,
just to have on hand.
Wah lah!
This is actually a vintage looking NEW label.
It's a little glossy, but great muted tones.
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  1. What a smart idea and it looks great!

  2. Fabulous!!! Thanks for the tip - I'm dying to find some old vintage suitcases
    Happy Easter!

  3. This is a huge, Why didn't I think of that!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I shared this on my FB page, thanks so much for linking up!

  5. visiting from Redoux facebook page. This is fantastic. A trick I will use

  6. who woulda thought!! i really like it!