Saturday, March 23, 2013

Old Bird Tray

I bought this old bird tray for $12.00 at a garage sale.
It seemed like high quality wood,
but the bird image wasn't that great.
Once I took it apart, I knew why.
Someone has simply cut out part of a 1976 calendar.
I wanted a memorable or vintage item inside it.
After "shopping" in my basement,
I settled on a black & white photo copy of a map.
It was of a special area that my dad would
visit and hike through the years.
Another deciding factor was that it had to be long enough
to fill the long tray.
I didn't want any seams or creases.
But the topography on this map is very interesting, due to several rivers.
I left the wood alone, it's very rich & nice grain.
So what do you think of the black & white?
I miss my dad more than word can express.
He passed away on April 17th in 2001.
Easter is always a reminder.
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  1. I love how this display tray turned out! What a fabulous map and how special it is that it reminds you of your dad. It's the perfect keepsake.