Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cross It Off

Well, I can cross Junk Bonanza off my "bucket list". 
The event in Shakopee Minnesota mid September was WAY better than I expected. 
My mother, sister & I met up there to see what all the fuss was about. 


Ki Nassauer signed my tin.
  It's going to be featured in the Flea Market style wedding magazine in January!
 I picked it up to check it out & the vendor told me all about it. 
 Of course I fell for it, hook line & sinker. 
The story is that a little old lady kept yarn in it, so that explains the hole on the lid.
The price was right & I felt that some creative alterations could give the lid a make-over.
Mom & I splurged on our first cans of Annie Sloan Paint.
I've been aching to try it, so now I can!
I came away from J.B. with lots of chicken scratch notes.
Idea thief?  Guilty.
What did I pass on & now regret?
$45 olive bucket
What else did I buy?
$2 each
$1.50 each
...and 2 tee shirts.
Now, the "biggie" item that I drooled over the most:
Isn't it great?
Way out of my league.
We left the show with smiles and "trucked" home.
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  1. I also went and found just a few small items. I just enjoy seeing the "junk". I did find that some people forgot their manners! Those olive buckets were very cool!

  2. Looks like a fun time!! Great photos.