Friday, February 17, 2012

Flea Market Garden

         I was so excited to purchase this magazine the other day. . .

It is still winter here, without much snow.  It's been a mild winter, but I recently got spring fever.  My seed packet order came in the mail.  Daydreams of the tulips, crocus and daffodils planted last fall are recurring!

The publication has sparked a mental list for the impending garage sale season:
porch rail spindles
old mailbox
old work boots
boat oars

What's on YOUR list?

This magazine features a few book suggestions.  All three of them were available at the local library.  My favorite was "Found, Free & Flea" about a rustic summer camp loaded in junker treasures!

I also bought one book featured in Country Living called "Aged to Perfection".  For $14, this quality hardcover book came to my front door via UPS.  I took the plunge after seeing the 5 star rating with a comment that read "not recycled photographs".

There is some good content in the book, although I haven't gotten through the whole thing. 
Here are a few highlights. . .

Who wouldn't love this collection of pottery? 

 I'll share any tidbits of knowledge from it when I'm through reading. 
Until then, if you can't stand the wait, head over to Barnes & Noble!

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