Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring willows

I try & get out for a journey each spring with my boys to find a handful of pussy willows.  Some years, it's snowy still.  This state is so horribly unpredictable!!!  This year was pleasant, yet cool.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE using wood and other elements from nature in decorating.  I collect it here and there.  Why not enjoy the outdoors, indoors too???

The old flat wooden box, was my father's.  I got it, and about 50 lbs. of junk screws & bolts from his pole shed.  The red tin was his also.  The finish on it is so nice & rustic.  The clay vase, which fails to hold water, can only hold dry sprigs.  Pussy willows continue to open and mature when in water.  So a person is best off NOT to keep them in a watery vase.  They make a messy pollen that drops everywhere after a few weeks.

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