Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pig Barn Windows

My mom delivered a whole stack of weathered
old windows from her pig barn in Iowa.
They had just put new windows in so the
building could be used for storage.
Many of the old ones had no glass or
only half of their original glass.

I decided to put some patriotic fabric
in a few for some festive wall art.

I cut some cardboard for my background.
It's a light weight way to hold the fabric on flat.

Next I had to pick two different fabrics that
looked cute next to each other.

I sewed the two together and hid
the seam under the middle window board.

The printed words & flag lines were hard to
get straight. 

My second window is the best.
The bold color contrast & simple
prints went together just right.

I am excited that summer is here & things are
lush and green.  The holiday will be here before
we know it.  Lets show a little pride for the Fourth.


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  1. nice look. I like both windows and the simplicity of your project. sharon