Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fancy Book

I snatch up old books, even if they're in
a different language.  Why?  Well, I find
some of the fancy page decorations
too beautiful to keep hidden away!

With major conditions issues,
this book was a lost cause.
I didn't have any regret salvaging
out the pages for making cards.

With a little erasing,
 I was able to save part of this page.

This is a collection of the pages
with fancy flourish designs.

Although I can think of many uses,
here is one of the cards I made....

The stamps I used are Unity brand.
There is a strip of Smash brand tape
along the bottom.  Take a closer look
at the sentiment with sparkles...

I use Distress ink around my paper edges to 
try and match the aged paper tones.

I am in the mood for spring,
and my crafts are starting to show it!

Have a great Easter.

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