Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Annie Sloan Caddy

I'm still pecking away at using up my
Annie Sloan Olive paint.
The stuff seriously NEVER goes bad!
I found an ugly, glossy blonde
wood caddy at a garage sale.
Just look how cute it is now,
as part of my fall décor....
That dark wax gives the illusion
of year of use.
I like the dark A.S. colors because
you can get away with skipping the
clear wax step.
It can save you some money,
if you haven't gotten into stockpiling her
brand of paint products.
I often wonder if these style totes
are made for hauling paint cans.
Quart cans fit mighty well.
The beauty of this type is that it's deep
enough to stand on either end.
You could hang it as a wall shelf too!
This mellow green is the perfect
addition to the fall color palette.
It goes great with orange, red, yellow
and pale blue.
You could easily switch it out
for Christmas color items in a few months.
I love that army green color,
it's very natural & versatile.
You should consider adding it to
YOUR color palette.
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