Friday, December 5, 2014


Hi folks, It's December now & time to set out
your unique junk decor for the holiday.
Have you started?

I added some red ribbon & evergreens to 
a pair of old skates.  You see these hung on
old wooden sleds quite a bit.

I opted to keep the dirty old look,
rather than paint them.
They have a date of 1943 stamped on them!
It was pretty gross, finding a mouse nest inside.
Once I got that cleaned out, 
I stuffed the toes with newspaper.
These certainly aren't stiff like the modern skates.

I found an old candle mold 
which was hard for me to use
 in any decorating situation.
So it seemed logical to just hang it with 
greens & a pretty bow for Christmas.

Alone it's pretty shabby, but looks
darling with that glitter bow.

The last item I'll share today, is an old
tall crate.  It was just begging
for some evergreen boughs & a 
flashy bow.

Now we just need more snow 
to really give it that magical 
winter look.

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