Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Jars

It's a bit early, don't be mad!
The Christmas bug bit me & I can't help but give in.  
We have snow on the ground & it's been cold.
So here starts my Christmas crafts & decorations...

I've done a garden theme canning jar set,
but this is my first holiday one!

Each jar was filled with various Christmas or winter items.
You can see the bottle brush tree, false snow, and
some red berries.  I also used a metal holly cookie cutter,
pine boughs, cinnamon sticks, and birch bark.

I was on a role, so I jazzed up this 
thrift find.

This homemade jigsaw deer didn't sell
for me last year.  I'm hoping the bell wreath
around his neck will give him more festive appeal!

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