Monday, June 23, 2014

High Heels

Sorry for the blog absence.
I've been in a funk & busy with life.
There are a few garden junk ideas that I've
tried myself after seeing them on Pinterest or
in magazines.  The first one I'll share is planting
in a shoe.  You've seen the old work boots with
succulents.  My project is a little more classy!
It took a while to find just the right high heel set
at a garage sale.  The thrift store wasn't working for me.
When I found these mary jane style chunky heel shoes,
I knew they would be ideal.
That crazy plant is called Scoparia.
It's very crawly & spreads well.
It also starts well from cuttings.

I added the shoe pins for my photographs.
I'm just not sure how they'd handle the weather.
The shoes are holding up GREAT to
watering & rain. I did drill a hole in the bottoms.
Project SHABBY GARDEN SHOES was a great success!

Tell me what you think!
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