Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Grove

I had the most fortunate opportunity to spend a little time junking in Iowa at my mom & step dad's place over Easter.  It's a nostalic place with a grove filled with rusty wonders!

We had to get creative packing the Envoy for our trip home. 
 My found items included a gate, gears, windows,
 garden fencing,insulator, bottles, pitch forks
and more. 

It also just happen to be good timing,
 the most delicate voilets were blooming.

There were some pretty shrubs along the fields also.
They're prickly, but so lovely.

We also got to stand under the modern windmills!
That was so neat, but the wind nearly blew us over.

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Keep checking back here for junk creations
using these Iowa treasures.

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