Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Creepy Garden

Here one of my Halloween garden displays.  It will be much more eye catching when the burning bush(behind the owl) turns red.

The old bed frame is leaning against my clematis vinepole.  I thought the rust made it kind of gothic.

It almost looks like little owls.

I added a plastic spider to my burlap grass pot.  Kind of spooky, huh?

The mum looked okay before. Since the original photo above,  I have added some baby pumpkins.

My little boy helped me harvest the pumpkins.  He has a worm in his hand.  They were such a delight to him, hiding under the pumpkins.

I bought the white pumpkin at the local farmers market.  I just HAD to have one.  I was feeling so special, getting the only one.  Then as I drove away, the lady set out another one.  Tricky.

I did grow one small white pumpkin, as shown on the cart above.  Since this photo, it did get tucked in next to the big one. I've very proud of it.  You can see it in the last photograph.

The little dianthus can handle some frost & is still doing well.

The awesome owl is from Oregon.  A metal worker called Weird Harold made great creations.  I have heard he is no longer there.

Thanks for looking.  Keep checking the blog for MORE pumpkin & fall ideas.  I love fall.

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